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Installed GG. You are more than welcomed to register. Will be sending an email out when we are ready for people to login.

Brinn - 10.10.2009
We have launched again! New remodels are underway, and we should have both Realm of Guardians and Galactic Guardians back up soon!

Brinn - 10.07.2009
Go to RGuardians.net

I am in the middle of redoing the network. However, due to limitations on this account I am forced to do all the updating on RGuardians.net.

If you click this message you will automatically go to this site. Make sure you look at the news!

Brinn - 11.17.2007
GG round 2
Galactic Guardians is now been reset. Sign-ups are now open.
Fangblades - 3.2.2007
Galactic Guardians Reset
Galactic Guardians will be reseting on March 1st. Sign-ups will begin March 2-4th and the first Tick will be at March 4th 12:01 AM
Brinn - 2.26.2007
Arena 5

Well, after a 2 month wait Arena 5 is finally up! Not to give to much away from the story line, arena 5 is in Julila, the capital of nation you are currently in!

Arena 6 is under way and we are hoping we can get the last 10 arenas up in the next year! The next arena will be the longest yet due to the task you must complete!

There is more to look forward too...

Brinn - 01.19.2007
The one thing RGuardians truly lacks is advertisements. I am asking everyone with their own websites, MySpace accounts, facebook, and any other type of site to help promote Realm of Guardians Here are a list of premade banners that you may use on your site. They very it size. If you need a custom sized banner let us know and we will post it. Click here to see our complete list of banners
Brinn - 12.18.2006
Sign-up open
Sign up for the next round of Galactic Guardians are now open.
Fangblades - 12.12.2006
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Guardians! We, at RGuardians.com would like to wish you all a safe holiday on this time of reflection of everything you have been thankful.

Here at RGuardians.com we are thankful for our three years of running Realm of Guardians, and our two years of of running Galactic Guardians! We thank all of our supporters, our staff, and our players. I would also like to point out that hanie24 signed up on today! We would like to to welcome our new member!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brinn - 11.23.2006
Whats coming next...

Welcome Guardians! I would like to tell you about the new features to look foward to in the upcoming month!

We are planning and over haul on both Realm of Guardians and Galactic Guardians. Because of the new round starting on the 15th of Dec! Realm of Guardians will shy away from the old look of red/gray. We will stil have our colors but we will have more of a graphical interface.

The next thing we plan on doing is finishing up 2 more battle arenas. If you have any ideas join the forums! In addition we are running a few promotions in the forums! So check it out!

Brinn - 11.22.2006

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